Temporary Visas


We will file your application for a temporary visa based on your employment. We offer a consultation regarding your eligibility and responsibilities to maintain your status.  The following is a sampling, but not an exhaustive list of our work with non-immigrant visas:

H-1B Visa –  H-1B is a temporary non-immigrant visa for individuals in specialty occupations. We assist companies who would like to sponsor professional employees to work for their company on a temporary basis.  An employee is eligible for an H-1B if the individual is employed in a field applying “theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge” and who also has a bachelor’s or higher degree or comparative experience.  Some examples of H-1B jobs are accountants, computer programmers, teachers and marketing analysts.

O Visa – An O Visa is a temporary non-immigrant visa for individuals of extraordinary ability. Individuals who have an extraordinary ability are eligible for an O Visa.  You must be able to prove that you have extraordinary skills in the career you will pursue in order to be eligible for an O Visa. Our law firm can help you make the best assessment of whether you are eligible, although, the Immigration Services usually compares you to other individuals in your field.  If you believe that your career in the field is better than or beyond that of others, then you could possibly meet the criteria for the O Visa.

P1/P2/P3 Visas – A P Visa is a temporary non-immigrant visa for individuals, who will perform for a specific duration with a group of performers, entertainers or athletic team. Athletes, who perform as part of a team that is internationally recognized or in a minor league or amateur team.  One type of P visa are for individuals who perform with an entertainment group that has been recognized internationally as being outstanding in their discipline.  Also, this includes entertainers who will come to the United States to coach or perform as part of a culturally unique program.  Finally, a P visa is also for performers who are part of a cultural exchange program with a foreign country.

L Visa – Intra-company transfers.  We assist companies to apply for visas for employees, who are internally transferring within the company structure.

TN Visa – Visa for Canadians or Mexicans. We can assist in your filing for immigration status based on your work activities at a Professional level.

E1 or E2 Visas – We represent businesses filing as E visa treaty investors.  We also represent and consult E visa investors, who file applications on behalf of eligible E visa employees.

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