Family-Based Green Card


The family-based immigration process may be wrought with uncertainties.  You should seek the assistance of an attorney to ensure you submit the proper documentation. You should also be sure that the submitted documents are detailed and thorough.

Our law firm is here to provide you with impeccable service.  Your case begins with a consultation regarding your eligibility based on your past and current immigration status.  If your loved one is outside the United States, then we can Skype or conference to fully understand his/her eligibility for legal permanent residence.  You can expect a knowledgeable discussion of your full options, whether for a spouse, parent, child or sibling.

If applying for a spouse and you are in the United States, we are available to attend your interview before Immigration Services for verification of your bona fide relationship.  If necessary, we also can file appropriate documents for removal of your conditions following expiration of your conditional green card.

In all cases we completely prepare you and your loved one for any potential questions from the Immigration Services Officer or the Consular Officer. We have experience working in the Department of Homeland Security, so we fully understand this process. All Content and Rights Reserved. Attorney Advertising. Prior results do not guarantee similar outcome.